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Larry the Mowbot

Larry the mowbot started as a gas powered remote controlled lawnmower.  The drive motors, wheels and casters are from a  Jet3 Electric wheelchair.

It has since been converted to an electric cutting motor - using a 24v motor from a black and decker cordless mower - bought via EBay.  Not pictured is the motor controller and interface circuit to control the cutting motor's speed.

The frame is custom designed and welded, batteries are two 33AH lead acid.

Here's a picture of the control box.  

On the left is the power bus, 24v, Ground, and 24v switched.

In the middle are two Dimension Engineering Syren25 motor controllers.  They are configured for differential drive.  On the Right is a custom 8051 based control circuit.  It provides the safety lockout functions that shut down the robot power if signal is lost, as well as a on/off switched connector for accessories (it formerly was the engine shutdown control, but is no longer used for that purpose - it will probably be re-used for headlights)