Steam Bay is a group dedicated to building a hacker/maker space in Pinellas County.

We are looking for interested people that will be willing to join and help create a place to design, build, and experiment on projects.

By sharing a space we can have more room to work and more room for bigger tools. By sharing tools, we can jointly purchase tools that are cost-prohibitive to the individual.

Specific work shop areas I'd like to see built inside our space:

  • Metal Shop
  • Welding Area Wood Shop 
  • Electronics Room 
  • Craft Room 
  • 3D Fab Area 

At this time, we are looking for people willing to join us in creating this space.  Once we have approximately 20 people willing to be dues-paying members, we will secure a workshop space.

If you are interested please join the Steam Bay general discussion group, Like on Facebook, or Follow on Google+